Why Photo Booth Is One of the Most Crowd Engaging and Cost-Effective Entertainment for Events Compared to Others

Yes! Photo booth is everywhere now.

It would be tough to see an event these days with no photo booth. From wedding receptions to birthdays, celebrity events, corporate event, they’re the new perfect party favor.


What’s more, photo booths have become increasingly popular at events in recent years, and not only are they perfect for entertaining your guests, but they also make for a fantastic marketing tool too! Especially for corporate events.


If you’re contemplating a photo booth for your next event, but not really sure on how effective it is, here are some excellent points to tell you why phone booth is crowd engaging and cost-effective for events.

They are Affordable

Formerly the domain of celebrity get together or massive sponsored events. However, they have become increasingly popular at events now, and the fast rise in popularity has made photo booths accessible for any special occasion. The average cost is $1000-$1500, depending on the length of time and the features you decide on.

They Rock for Any Occasion

Name any occasion, photo booths rock for them. Weddings, birthdays, celeb gatherings, mitzvahs – Photobooth can spring things up. Basically, any time you gather a group of people together, you have a good reason for a photo booth and to engage each other.

Stay in trend, offer a black and white photo booth to your guest too! 

Interactive Function

Think of how people can get to know each other. Photo Booths provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to get to know each other and get involved in the event from the word go. Whether they’re networking while in the queue or piling into the booth with wigs and funky glasses on, your guests will have no trouble getting involved.

Keep in mind that you should start your photo booth at the right time for maximum participation. 

Great For Marketing

As mentioned earlier, a photo booth can actually take marketing to another level. Especially for a brand, without putting too much effort, a lot of people could get to know your business. If your event has a hashtag, get people sharing their Photo Booth snaps straight away by adding your hashtag to go the image overlay! People can start sharing their photos in real-time, and show off your event online while the event is taking place.

Have Focus Booth At Your Event!

There you have it! Photo booths are the perfect ice breaker!

They have this unique ability to bring people together, they give your guests something to do together, and also something to talk about.

With their social capabilities, they can boost your brand awareness and reach.

Click here to discover more about how photo booth can be used for brand awareness.

With this, you can increase awareness about the products and services offered by your business. ​

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