How Kim Kardashian Made the Black and White Photo Booth a Fashion Trend


Who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian? Or the Kardashian party. Today, Kardashians are the most famous family on Instagram, and a lot could be said about their level of fashion.


Talk about “out of the world” photos, a key component of their parties is the photo booth session. Whether it’s a wedding for one of the Kardashian, or birthday party, festive get-together, or even a graduation party, there’s one thing which is always unique about their shoot. It is the flawless, perfectly lit black and white snap!

black and white photo booth new york

Kardashian’s Instagram

Furthermore, we all know how crazy the fans are about these Instagram gold pictures of the Kardashians. This has caused a significant increase in the number of black and white photo booth out there, as many people are now using the same at events. The Kim Kardashian effect! Dare you still doubt the effectiveness of a photo booth being used for brand awareness

But, what’s the secret behind this unique output? Several reports have shown that these perfectly honed photos of the Kardashian come courtesy of one company in particular. The name of the company is MirMir. Sounds somehow, right?

Mir Mir and Kim Kardashian

With the significant effect and impact, Mir Mir and Kim Kardashian made in the world of fashion, they now provide the gold standard in photobooths, featuring at events like the Oscars, the Emmys, and Coachella, as well as the birthday parties of the rich and famous.

Mir Mir Booth

Well, it’s pronounced “Meer Meer.” Mir Mir is an LA based business, and they are the team behind those black and white shots that have become a fashion trend now ( which is also an open concept photo booth ). Click here to discover more about the best time to start your photo booth.

While MirMir’s trademark photo style is instantly recognizable, I bet you’ve probably never heard of the brand name. Well, this is because the company has done very little marketing since launching in 2013; instead, they rely on word of mouth and the social reach of their famous clients and fans.

Affordable Black And White Photo Booth

Black and white photo booth are now everywhere, as you can practically have a go at it in most parties these days. Also, if you fancy renting out MirMir for a photo party of your own? That’ll cost you $2,750 for up to four hours – and you’ll need to pay extra for the option to create gifs and instantly share images via an iPad.

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There you have it!


Kim made the black and white photo booth a fashion trend up to the point that a thread was even created on Reddit about a year ago on how to create the same effect just like that of the Kardashian. The most upvoted answer was to take a photo, convert it to black and white, decrease the contrast, fade the blacks, reduce the noise, and sharpen it.

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