Best Time to Start Your Photo Booth


Is it time for your wedding or birthday party?


One of the most asked questions is the best time actually to have your photo booth. When should you start your wedding photo booth? It’s an excellent question as the answer will help keep costs down while also maximizing the time your guests have to use since most photo booth companies charge per hour.


Having attended many events in which a photo booth is hired, the problem I saw many people encounter was choosing the wrong period for the booth to start. This will definitely affect the host in some ways. Now, to the answer.


Well, the answer is not really straight forward, but here is what we think:

when to start your photo booth

After formalities have ended

It is highly recommended for the photo booth to be opened after the formalities and dinner ends so that guests can jump up and have fun with it.

\Why? Well, from experience, the traffic at the photo booth is not usually that much at the early stage of the party. This also works for corporate events, not only weddings. 

When alcohol is served.

Now, after the formalities, dinners get served, alcohol and other sweet drinks are added to the equation. As the evening progresses, people inherently start drinking. The fact is when they start drinking, they loosen up, and these guests tend to start flocking to the photo booth for some disorderly and sometimes hectic fun.

Cocktail Hour

Early in the evening, when guests first start arriving, they are typically still warming to the event and don’t tend to make great use of the photo booth.

Sure, there will be some outgoing groups ( hence why we advocate for open concept photo booths ) who will use the photo booth and pull their best pouts to show they’ve arrived. However, the number is not usually high, and at this stage of the evening, most people tend to mingle or stay in small groups.

When there's nothing Going On

As mentioned earlier, a cost effective photo booth can actually take marketing to another level. Especially for a brand, without putting too much effort, a lot of people could get to know your business. If your event has a hashtag, get people sharing their Photo Booth snaps straight away by adding your hashtag to go the image overlay! People can start sharing their photos in real-time, and show off your event online while the event is taking place.

Have Focus Booth At Your Event!

There you have it! It’s good to start your photo booth after the formalities and dinner; that way, you’re sure to get the most guests through and get the best photographs possible, although this may mean that it won’t be operating when guests arrive. However, a good vendor will come in early for set up before your guests’ arrival, so everything is ready.

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