How Photo Booth Is Used for Brand Awareness


Photo booths are a really great addition to a party, especially for corporate events.


They aren’t just for fun additions at weddings and parties; they can serve a much greater purpose. When used effectively and in the right way, they can do more for your business in terms of brand awareness.


Let’s take a look at how a photo booth is used for brand awareness.

How Photo Booth Is Used for Brand Awareness

Immediate Social Media Sharing

Immediate social media sharing option is one of the juices of photo booths at events. People at events can easily sign into their various social media accounts via the special photo kiosk and share all their photos at once.

The immediate sharing of photos is ensured instead of waiting a while for users to take pictures of the actual photo on their smartphones to then upload to their social media accounts. This provides your brand with the ability to create awareness as the event is happening in real-time!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Focus Booth provides open concepts photo booth instead of the traditional old enclosed photo booth.


Getting noticed as a brand can sometimes be challenging. Especially if you have several similar businesses around you, how do you stand out from this crowd?


This is where the power of a photo booth can be put to use. A photo booth stands out and grabs the attention of passers-by, with the custom branding options available.

The newest trend currently is a black and white booth!  We write about how Kim kadarshian started the trend of black and white photo booth here. 

Create Long-term Relationships with Your Audience

One often-overlooked advantage of a modern high-tech photo booth is that it provides an opportunity to collect users’ contact information.

When sharing their photographs on social media, a collection form pop up can be used to allow users to provide their name and email address and opt-in to your newsletter, which in turn allows you to contact them in the future.

While these are effective methods to build relationships, the first step towards this is planning the right time to start your photo booth. 

Real-Time Awareness

Photo booths can also be used in creating real-time awareness for your brand. A unique hashtag can be created for users to use when taking photos at the photo booth. This way, others can use the hashtag to keep up with what’s happening at the event

Have Focus Booth At Your Event!

There you have it!

Above are how a photo booth can be used for brand awareness. As you can see, brand awareness is a necessity, especially in a competitive environment or market.

Incorporating a photo booth into your plan can give your brand an edge when it comes to brand awareness. Here is a post about why photo booth is one of the most crowd engaging and cost-effective entertainment for events and brand awareness.

Will you like to use photo booths to increase brand awareness?

Contact us today at Focus Booth. We offer photo booth rentals in New York City. Our photo boots are best suited for your weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, parties, shows, and other occasions.

This remains one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and give your business the recognition it deserves. A wonderful experience awaits you!

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