Mall Photo Booth New York | Reasons Why Photo Booth Are More Than Just For Malls



Are you looking forward to organizing some major event? Any event seems incomplete without the presence of a proper photo booth that aims to capture the fun moments of the guests or the attendees. Did you know that the first photo booth came out as early as 1889, during the World Fair in Paris? Since then, the photo booth became a staple for events likes birthday parties, stag parties, and weddings.

But why should your business consider a photo booth hire? Think about promotional events. Think about all the marketing potential! It’s especially important when you’re starting a business out using a promotional gathering. Photo booths give people something to do other than gawk at your new product. These booths make each event feel a bit more personal. Why are they so popular and what will your guests make of it? We explore reasons your event can benefit from a photo booth.


When your event has a photo booth, an easy, interactive attraction is ready for your guests when they have just a moment for some fun or want to make a run at setting a record with unlimited sessions. As an entertainment option or as a main attraction, a photo booth is always a simple conversation starter. With props and prints included with most rental packages, even those who have never been in a photo booth will find the temptation too hard to resist.


With included instant double prints, an Essential Photo Booth rental package will provide your guests with a free gift to take home. Prints include your message or image and come in a few sizes. Graphics and backdrops can be fully customized to match your theme, brand, sponsor, or event. Get fancy with clear acrylic or bound event photo holders. Full Feature Photo Booth rental packages even include a keepsake for the guest of honor: a Memory Scrapbook handed over at the end of the event complete with prints and hand written messages from your guests.


Prints uploaded to social media automatically during your event offer real-time social media interaction with your event’s attendees. Guests love tagging and sharing their event photos on social media, and its a great way to get connected to everyone that was at your event in no time.




Its not as easy as it looks, and a lot goes on behind the scenes. Have a trained, friendly and helpful professional photo booth attendant handle everything from prep to equipment delivery and setup, operation, forever re-setting a messy props table, and the dreaded clean-up, while you stay hands off and enjoy your event.


Whilst they are always the hit of just about any party, photo booths actually are very affordable when you are comparing other forms of entertainment like live music or even DJs. Whilst they all work well together, you will find that photo booths will give you the best bang for your buck!


Hiring a photo booth isn’t meant to replace the services of the professional event photographer. But if you rely on a photographer alone, the downside is that the pictures only come from their perspective. People will have a greater degree of creativity, spontaneity, and self-loving fun when they have access to an open photo booth in your event. What this means is that your photographer can capture the event highlights without worries. They can do it without the need to take hundreds of other candid moments. After all, a photo booth attracts people who want to become spontaneous and hilarious.


No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, it’s always better to build hype. Make sure that your guests know all the fun and exciting things in store for them. Don’t forget to mention about your photo booth hire since most people love it. The sooner you get the services of a photo booth business, the sooner you can make your audience know about it. This can make them pumped up and increases the rate of attendance.