Why Open Concept Photo Booth Are Better Than Enclosed Photo Booth

As the name implies, an open-concept photo booth is open and easy to access.


During events, an open photo booth allows people or guests to view whatever is going on inside the booth actively. Open photo booths are an elegant choice to make.


Unlike enclosed photo booths, open photo booths do not have curtains surroundings or any barricades.


They simply consist of a featured backdrop, box with screen, photo booth assistant, and props.  Below are some reasons why an open concept photo booth is better than the enclosed ones:

Why Open Concept Photo Booth Are Better Than Enclosed Photo Booth

Open Photo Booths Provide Elegant & Big Group Shots

The backdrops of open photo booths are usually around 2 to 3 meters in length. With this length, they can easily fit big groups of people in the shot and have quality photos at a good angle.


For any wedding, open photo booths are definitely the best option. Also, if you’re planning on other parties like engagement, birthdays, open photo booth makes more sense.

An Open Photo Booths Enhances the Party Energy at Most Events

Sometimes, a party can be boring, or maybe it’s just some guests that usually get bored easily at parties.

The backdrops that are included in the open photo booths are often large and easily visible from afar, and this most times solve the issue of getting bored at parties as it gives them firstly something to do, giving them an excuse to stay longer at the party.

That’s why we insist on always nailing down the right time to open your photo booth for the guest. 

Variety of Elegant Backdrops for People

Images shot with an open photo booth are images worth keeping!


Most photo booth companies usually provide sequin backdrops, and some other featured backdrop like hedge walls, rose walls, gold party backdrops & more! The availability of these backdrops is a major reason why an open concept photo booth is better.

Enhanced Lighting Situation

Most open photo booths have some professional lighting set up like a lighting box, camera flash, or studio flash night. This lighting and its set up generally enhances people’s image. No shadows and reduced noise!

This is especially important if you’re thinking of having a black and white photo booth.  Not sure what is the black and white photo booth?  We have the history of the trend here. 

Have Focus Booth At Your Event!

There you have it!

Open concept photo booths are icebreaker, and good entertainment for the people watching. This photo booth option provides the perfect opportunity to get comfortable in group shots.

With the availability of space, unobstructed view, and a variety of backdrops, open-concept photo booths are way much better than the enclosed ones. Click here to read more about why you should hire a photo booth for your corporate event.

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