Photo Booth As Entertainment For Your New York Event

photo booth entertainment new york


If you’ve attended a wedding recently, you may have had the opportunity to have fun with your friends in a photo booth. Recently, photo booths have been making a surge back into popularity, and many people have requested them at their events. However, photo booth rentals are great for more than just weddings. They can help bring excitement and entertainment to a variety of different events, from office holiday parties to sweet sixteens. Here are the reason photo booth is the best and most cost effective method as entertainment for your event:


Photo booths provide the perfect addition to corporate events such as parties and social gatherings, team building days and events, exhibitions, and conferences. They can take the mundane element out of any corporate event and help to inject fun and entertainment instead.


Does your party have a theme? Whether it’s a Roaring 20’s wedding, Hollywood Glam fundraiser, or a Pretty in Pink sweet sixteen, you can have your photo booth dressed to match. Photo booths can have customized backgrounds, props, and even designs that appear on the prints themselves. These little details can help your guests truly immerse themselves in the theme of the event, and everyone will love experimenting with the props.


Photo booth rentals add an extra touch of flair to any event, and they’re perfect for delivering an all-in-one experience. Not only do they create a party-favor but they also provide entertainment for your guests. If there’s a lull in activity at your event, guests can head over to the photo booth and amuse themselves. They can laugh and have fun with one another all while creating unique party favors that your guests can take with them to remember your event.


A photo booth can even help to provide you with increased networking opportunities at your business event. Unless you are hosting a staff event, most of the attendees at your event won’t know one another. However, the photo booth can help to break the ice between you and your attendees, which in turn provides you with greater networking capabilities.


Photo booths are easy to set up and with most companies, all of this will be handled for you. They also provide an affordable and convenient way to add some variety to any type of business event. While photo booth hire was once mainly associated with events such as weddings, more and more businesses are now realising the benefits of having this type of facility at their event. It also provides a uniue way to spread the word about your business and the services that you offer.


Photo booth rentals have been popular for many celebrity get-togethers, awards shows, and massive events. People love seeing snapshots of their idols in the candid moments backstage. The demand for photo booths at events has created a surge in popularity, which increased the supply. Now many event design companies offer photo booth rentals at very affordable prices.

They offer the biggest bang for your buck because everything is included. When you reserve a booth for your event, it comes with its own attendant and props, while supplying the images instantly. Setup and removal are taken care of by the company and, typically, a CD is made of all the photos it takes. Photo booth rentals require zero effort on your part, which makes having one a breeze for any event.


In the age of iPhones and selfie sticks, event photo booths have quickly become all the rage. Photo booths are a fun way to engage your event attendees and give them something they can leave with to remember your event.