Unique Photo Booth Poses

unique photo booth poses

It’s finally the moment! You step into the photo booth to create a strip of photo memories that you plan to treasure and show off to everyone right afterwards. You leap into the booth and suddenly you are like a deer in headlights; unable to think up the perfect photo booth poses; leaving only a series of mouth gaping, eyes closed, awkward as a teenager on a first date,shouting RETAKE!!

Don’t worry – we have you covered! Here is a list of inspirations to assemble the perfect photo booth pose photos.



  • Surprised Kiss
  • Smooch – Pucker up and give each other a big smooch.
  • Pick Her Up – If the booth allows it, pick the bride up!
  • Pulling His Tie – Girl leads the guy with his tie in a playful tease
  • Fishing Pole Reeling – You just caught yourself a treasure!
  • Create a Heart – Use a hand from the man and a hand from the woman to create a heart shape between you.
  • Blow Kisses – And even catch them as well.
  • Wink – And the other look flattered.
  • Proposal Reenactment – Bring back the memories of popping the big question.



  • Charlies Angels – Guns up and out with backs together.
  • Supermodel Shoot – Pretend you’re on the cover of vogue and strike a sexy pose.
  • Kiss the Bride – Make a bride sandwich, each lady kissing the bride’s cheek



  • Show off the Guns – Flex your muscles and welcome folks to the gun show.
  • Fake Fight – Act out a punch scene.
  • Group High Five
  • Too Cool – Fold your arms, and be too cool for school.
  • Head 2 Head – Pretend you’re boxers squaring off head to head.
  • Salute – always a classic
  • All by Yourself
  • Same Pose for All Pictures – Yup, just make the same exact face for each take!
  • Slow Motion Across Screen – Move past the screen one shot at a time as if running in slow motion.
  • Four Corners – For each of the four shots put your head in a different corner of the screen.
  • The Stairs – Angle from top corner to the opposite bottom corner, or vice versa to make it look like you’re walking up stairs.
  • The Elevator – Move vertically up or down slowly over each shot.
  • Looking Through the Peep Hole – Fill up the whole screen with your face as if you’re trying to look through an a peep hole.
  • Blowing in the Wind – Pretend you’re being blown away by strong winds!
  • Can you hear me now? – You’re too busy to be interrupted by photos because you’re talking on your cell phone cannot put it on hold.



  • Napolean Dynamite Dance Move
  • The Macarana
  • Gagnam Style
  • Harlem Shake
  • The Robot
  • Disco Fever
  • Chicken Dance



  • Drop a Grenade – First shot, hold the grenade in your hand, second shot, drop it and look surprised, third and fourth react to the explosion!
  • The Heisman Football Pose
  • YMCA – If you have four people, do the popular Village People YMCA symbol, or if you’re by yourself do a letter for each of the four pictures.
  • The Clark Kent – open up your button down just like Clark Kent changing to Superman
  • Live Long and Prosper – Pretend you’re Spock from Star Trek and give the live long and prosper hand sign.
  • Head Banging – Pretend you’re at a rock concert, bang your head and throw up the rock sign devil horns.



  • Hashtag Writing – Get a chalkboard, or piece of paper and share your hashtag for the event, or a silly comical made up one!
  • Find Someone Random – someone you don’t know and take a photo session. Best part is you made a new friend!


  • Happy
  • Ecstatic
  • Content
  • Sad
  • Embarrassed
  • Nervous
  • Angry
  • Devious
  • Bored
  • Annoyed
  • Surprised
  • Tongue Out
  • Tired
  • Exhausted
  • Disgusted
  • Are you kidding me?
  • Grumpy
  • Excited
  • Scared
  • Studly
  • Tough
  • Stoic
  • Intense
  • Goofy
  • Serious
  • Thinking
  • Duck Lips
  • Confused


There you go! A whole list of unique and creative photo booth pose ideas that will ignite your photo booth fun! You can simply choose different expressions.The photo booth props- the hats, glasses, wigs or whatever you might choose, will definitely help create some fun pictures and a lot of laughs.